CAP’N JOE® Krab Cake

CAP’N JOE<sup>®</sup> Krab Cake

CAP’N JOE® Krab Cakes are made with delicately flavored imitation crabmeat blended with vegetables and folded into a creamy base of seasonings. Each Krab Cake is coated with crispy breadcrumbs to give the perfect crunch whether prepared in the oven or deep fryer.


  • Imitation crab meat, vegetables and a creamy base
  • Coated in crispy breadcrumbs for satisfying crunch
  • Can be oven-baked or deep fried
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Product Specifications

Pack Size
Count Size
Product Description
Prep Method
Cook Time
075730 10.1 lb. 3 oz. CAP’N JOE® Bulk Pack Krab Cake 350ºF (fryer)
400ºF (oven)
5-6 mins
20-25 mins

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