Sustainability of our food supply requires the preservation of natural resources of wild caught species, and ensuring that aquaculture can indefinitely continue production without harm to the environment and its ecosystems. Tampa Maid is committed to a sustainable future. We practice the following to ensure our products are a part of the sustainable story.

  • Recycle all corrugated and paper goods – In 4 years over 1700 tons were recycled saving an additional 30,124 trees
  • Reduced packaging to reduce waste – In 4 years over 58 tons of bleached cardboard was eliminated saving an additional 994 trees and preventing bleaching chemicals from entering the water sources.
  • All Tampa Maid brand corrugated is brown un-bleached, recyclable shippers, reducing chemical use and protecting the water sources.
  • Run a “state of the art” thawing system to lower the demand for water and sewage capacity by 100,000 gallons/day
  • Use energy efficient air handlers in the freezers.
  • Energy efficient lighting throughout facility – On an annual basis saves about 96 tons of coal and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 404 lbs per year.
  • Waste from manufacturing is converted to animal feeds.
  • Used frying oil is recycled into other products.
  • Pre-treat all waste water returned to the city, reducing biological oxygen demand and total suspended solids.
  • An improved water treatment system has further reduced suspended solids by 80%.
  • Broken wood pallets are rendered into mulch

What has Tampa Maid done?

Tampa Maid procures its entire popcorn style shrimp from two countries that practice conservation by shutting down their fisheries each year at the appropriate time for fishery renewal.

Tampa Maid procures a large and growing portion of its raw material, breaded shrimp material and other products from BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Certified facilities.  We are committed to purchasing all of our aquaculture needs from BAP certified sources as soon as possible.

Palm oil used in our Margaritaville glazed shrimp is sourced from a company that is committed to sustainable palm oil production and fully supports the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Tampa Maid supports Ocean Trust, which is one of the few organizations that actually performs the necessary tasks of habitat restoration and marine conservation with the funds they receive.

Tampa Maid is a member of the National Fisheries Institute and has supported their efforts to aid in marine conservation as they partner with Ocean Trust and other initiatives.

Traceability is becoming a critical part of sustainability.  All seafood ingredients and product contact packaging can be traced one up / one down. Oysters can be traced to state and harvest area.