Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles

Launch a new addition to your menu with our premium Flour Coated and Panko Breaded Pickles. Tangy and crisp, we offer two different breading systems that will add flavor and value to your menu. Great as an appetizer or entrée addition, they are also perfectly sized for dipping.

New! Dipt’N Dusted® Pickle Fries

Dipt'n Dusted Pickle FriesServe up the satisfyingly savory flavor of Dipt’N Dusted® Pickle Fries. Coated in our perfectly seasoned proprietary batter and flour breader, these tender pickles fry up to deliver a crispy outside and firm, juicy texture inside. They’re the perfect shareable appetizer, flavorful side, and sandwich and entrée add-on.

  • Savory flavor profile
  • Signature Dipt’n Dusted® coating
  • Light and crispy bite on the outside, pleasing firm texture on the inside
  • Freezer to fryer–no fuss, no waste
  • Harvested and processed in the USA
  • Par-fried
  • Individually quick frozen

New! Dipt’n Dusted® Fresh Dill Pickle Chips

Coated in a buttermilk seasoned batter and flour breader, crinkle-cut fresh deli pickle slices feature a crispy outer layer and firm, juicy texture inside.

Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips

Fresh crinkle-cut Bread & Butter pickle slices tossed in spicy seasoned flour, battered and coated in light Panko breadcrumbs. A sweet heat pickle delight!

Zesty Panko Pickle Chips

Our delicious Panko breaded pickle chips seasoned with zesty spices.

Flour Coated Pickle Chips

Premium crinkly-cut dill pickles sliced and lightly coated in our Dipt’n Dusted® coating system of seasoned flour and a touch of cornmeal.

Panko Breaded Pickle Chips

Premium crinkle-cut dill pickles sliced and lightly coated in our blend of special batter and Panko breadcrumbs.

Pack Size
Deep Fryer Temp. Cook Time Turbo/Merry Chef
5/2 lb. 50-75 Dipt’N Dusted® Pickle Fries 350ºF 2:45–3:00 min.
4/2.5 lb. 30–50 Dipt’n Dusted® Fresh Dill Pickle Chips 350ºF 3.25–3.5 min.
4/2.5 lb. 35-55 Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips  350ºF 2-2.5 mins
4/2.5 lb. 50-75  Zesty Panko Pickle Chips  350ºF 2-2.5 mins N/A
4/2.5 lb. 50-75 Flour Coated Pickle Chips  350ºF 2-2.5 mins
4/2.5 lb. 50-75 Panko Breaded Pickle Chips  350ºF 2-2.5 mins N/A