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Frequent menu change is a good idea

  • 84% of consumers are open to trying new flavors.  This is especially true of women, older millenials and the highest income earners

Top Seafood EntreesBrdDinner_Shrimp

  • Shrimp still tops the menus, while penetration of tuna and salmon have both increased
  • The number of new-product introductions has grown, despite menu optimization efforts across all categories
  • Seafood sides have grown by 8.9% since 2013, regardless of an overall decline in seafood incidence of 1.3%

Top 10 Fish & Seafood Entrees on Menus

  • Shrimp dominates seafood entrée dishes at 50%, followed by salmon at 9.5%

Top Preparation Method – Fried & Crisp

                                           2014                2013

Fried                                  18.0%              19.2%

Crisp                                  17.2%              17.8%


Among Appetizers, Shrimp is most commonly offered as a Breaded Protein











Over Half of Calamari Mentions Appear on Appetizer Menus










Breaded Vegetables…on the Menu










“FRIED” remains top preparation style among breaded vegetables appetizers