New Flavor Opportunities!

The culinary and innovation team at Tampa Maid Foods has been working tirelessly to bring you an exciting new selection of products and flavor profiles for 2017.  Targeted, on-trend and appealing to the value-conscious consumer, these new products provide the versatility to function seamlessly across multiple menu segments and day parts.


Garlic Bread Coated Shrimp

Peeled and deveined shrimp are lightly breaded with rich, buttery, garlic breadcrumbs.  The melt-in-your-mouth flavor of warm garlic bread and the fresh taste of premium shrimp combined for a crisp, yet tender bite.


Sriracha Breaded Tail-off Mini Shrimp

Wild-caught peeled shrimp are coated in a spicy Sriracha breading for an on-trend version of this traditional seafood standard.  Sriracha has become the must-have flavor to catch the attention of millennials and foodies.  With this versatile seafood presentation you’re covered from dippable appetizers, to spicy salad toppers, through Po’boy fillers and a variety of entrée baskets.


Corn Dog Shrimp, Honey Habanero Flavor

Peeled and deveined shrimp are dipped in a signature corn dog coating that’s both sweet and spicy with the flavors of honey and habanero.  The familiar, comfort-food texture of corn dog batter comes of age when blended with the spicy heat and flavor today’s diners demand.


Half-sliced Fried Green Tomatoes

Thick slices of fresh, tart green tomatoes are coated with our Dipt’n Dusted® lightly seasoned flour and cornmeal blend.  Their half-slice size makes them perfect as a dippable appetizer or hand-held snack.  Also available in whole slices for a variety of menu applications.


Fresh Pickle Chips

These next-generation of our fried pickles utilize a fresh, refrigerated dill pickle chip to  maximize their crisp, tart flavor, while a seasoned flour coating gives them a crisp bite while maintaining a premise-prepared look.